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Pacettes Real Beauty Workshop

Get involved to make a change!

Participate in a Pacettes Real Beauty Workshop.


Every day, we are bombarded by hundreds - if not thousands - of airbrushed images of "beauty". These images have the power to affect how we see our bodies and ourselves.

How can we encourage young girls and women everywhere to embrace a more positive image of themselves, both inside and out? You can start by participating in this upcoming Pacettes Real Beauty Workshop for Girls.


The Pacettes Real Beauty Workshops for Girls are fun, educational and interactive sessions for young girls ages 11-18 and their adult female mentors: mothers, relatives, friends - anyone interested in starting a dialogue on beauty and self-image with a member of the next generation.


By attending this workshop, your young lady will learn how society creates "ideal" images of beauty and engage in a healthy dialogue about self-esteem. 


We will also discuss the Pacettes and how the organization works to promote a healthy self-image through learning life skills and community service projects.


Date and time:  10:30 AM, Saturday, September 10, 2016


Place:  Carrollton Public Library, Josey Ranch Lake Branch


RSVP: by Saturday, September 3, 2016, to


or call (214)316-9785.


P.O. Box 112721

Carrollton, TX  75011-2721

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